Yes M.A.A.M


"Changing the lives of our youth one pageant at a time."

Yes M.A.A.M, also known as My African American Miss, is a pageantry program committed to being "Fabulous on Purpose".  Our organization is devoted to training young African American women to be ambassadors and community leaders who operate in excellence.   Yes M.A.A.M. provides an opportunity for young women to thrive and display their talents through pageantry.  We foster a sisterhood for young ladies to build healthy relationships and embrace the qualities  that make them great.  "Stay Ready so that you don't  have to Get Ready."

Categories for Young Ladies

Beautiful baby newborn-2yrs

Little princess 3-5

Princess 6-8

Jr pre teen 7-9

Pre teen 10-12

Teen 13-16

Miss 17-24

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